Quote IconWe have in us a large house full of beautiful furniture, with a library and many other rooms, but we live in the basement and the kitchen and cannot get out of them.
P.D. Ouspensky

Starting today all profits from all purchases (until Tuesday 8/19) made at mmconfine.com will be donated to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. This fund has been setup by Michael Brown’s family lawyer and will be used to cover funeral and burial expenses as well as support the family while they seek justice for this tragic murder. Please support this fund either directly (http://www.gofundme.com/justiceformikebrown) or via this offer and tell your friends to do the same. #justiceformichaelbrown #ferguson

The Common Sense Dispatch.

Next week we will be relaunching the Mind Melt blog as The Common Sense Dispatch. The new blog will feature photography, art, writing, gear finds and reviews and much more from a really great group of people. I couldn’t be more excited about this project. It is sure to bring heaps of value into your life.

Today is the forth of July. Independence Day. Whatever the revolution was about in 1776 is irrelevant. There is nothing romantic about it. What has come of that revolution 238 years later is now a corrupt, unjust, imperialistic, police state. But while the local pigs fly drones over your house, listen to your calls, boot your car, tax you at a higher rate than Billion dollar corporations, and generally exploit you keep in mind this one thing; you can’t make a rock bleed. If you don’t have anything, they can’t take anything away from you. We all need to learn to live with no more than we can carry. The trappings we hold onto so dearly are valueless. Collectable. Style. Today celebrate the fact that the system only works when you kick up your taxes and play by the rules. There are cracks in the system. Cracks big enough for a man to make a living in them.

Use the code “dronestrike” at check out to pick up the National Distress pin for $4.80 all weekend. Don’t wave another flag in support of a corrupt government. Wave your flag in distress.

Never had a disappointing evening with Bro Brah. First he bestows the honor of letting me drive the valiant. You can tell someone how to drive the valiant but it’s like telling someone how to read Braille. You really can’t learn anything tell you sit down and feel it out for a while. Later at the park we returned to the valiant to see it had been booted. No problem. Just swapped out the booted tire for the spare and rolled on.

The Standard Issue Badge Crewneck is sold out in the following sizes/colors:

Grey: Small, X Large
Navy: Large, X Large
Black: Medium, X Large, 2X Large
I repeat, those sizes are sold out. If your size is not on that list order fast because stock is low. These will probably not be restocked for a quite a while, if ever.
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